Raspberry Champagne Float

A champagne float is a delightful way to toast any occasion. This simple drink is ideal for a bridal shower, birthday celebration or ringing in the New Year. With just 2 simple ingredients this cocktail is easy to make and fun to drink.

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If you love sparkling wine or champagne you are going to enjoy this drink. The mix of a dry wine and sweet sherbet create the perfect celebration drink. Get the full recipe and tips below.

Remember the excitement of a root beer float as a kid? A big frosty glass with scoops of vanilla ice cream and fizzy root beer poured over the top. The bubbles were huge and the flavor was unlike anything else. We still love these as adults but why not try a more sophisticated spin of the traditional ice cream float. A glass of this champagne float will bring back all those childhood happy feelings.

Champagne vs Sparkling Wine

A little bit of cocktail knowledge for your next party.

Sparkling wine is any wine with added carbonation. It can be made anywhere in the world and range from sweet to dry. Depending on your tastes you are sure to find a variety of sparkling wine that suits you. Champagne is a specific type of sparkling wine made in the Champagne region of northern France. If you drink a wine from anywhere else in the world, it’s not champagne. Now you know! Share this little tidbit of knowledge with friends, but don’t let it stop you from making these delicious floats. You can use any type of sparkling wine for this recipe.

pour champagne over sherbet

Champagne Float Combinations

These champagne floats combine raspberry sherbet and dry sparkling wine. Give a few different combinations a try.

  • Use sorbet for a different taste and texture. This comes in an endless variety of unique flavors like coconut, pomegranate and melon.
  • Try lemon sherbet with a sweet sparking wine. The tang of the lemon pairs nicely with a sweet wine.
  • Use a dry sparkling wine poured over a sweet tangerine or orange sherbet. The key is coming dry and sweet flavors to create a perfectly balanced drink.
Sherbet in drink glass

Use this basic recipe and technique then customize this cocktail to fit your tastes and your party theme. Pink for Valentine’s Day, orange for a themed bridal shower, yellow for a birthday party. So many options to celebrate with this float.

Serving Tips: Serve these floats in stemmed cocktail glasses. Make a tray and serve to your guests at a bridal shower or birthday party. Or create a float station and let guests choose their own sherbet and sparkling wine combination.

Raspberry champagne float

Champagne Float

Yield: 2
Cook Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes

A sweet and fun drink made with sparkling wine.


  • Champagne or Sparkling Wine
  • Raspberry Sherbet


  1. In a stemmed cocktail glass add 1-2 scoops of raspberry sherbet.
  2. Pour champagne or sparkling wine over the sherbet, slowly, to fill the glass.
  3. Serve and enjoy immediately.


Try a few flavor combinations by changing up the sherbet flavor and choosing a sweet or dry sparkling wine.

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It’s the adult version of a classic root beer float. We’re never really too old for a float, so why not try this grown up version. It’s difficult not to feel fancy and festive with a bubbly pink drink in your hand.

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champagne float cocktail recipe
sparkling wine float with raspberry sherbet

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