Easy Recipe for Non-alcoholic party punch with Sherbet

A simple punch is a perfect beverage for most parties. Learn how to make this non-alcoholic party punch for your next gathering.

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What is in punch

The beauty of this drink is that the ingredients can be completely customized. A punch is a mixture of fruit juice and soda, sometimes alcohol and spices. Fruit and sherbet can be added too.

The best punch recipes are simple, colorful, and crowd-pleasing. Take a look at this cool blue party punch for another tasty option. This recipe can be made with or without alcohol.

blue punch

When to serve punch

A fruity punch is best for a party or large gathering. Punch is easy to mix up and often uses full bottles of juice and soda in the recipe. Mix everything together, pour into a bowl, dispenser or large pitcher and let guests serve themselves.

A non-alcoholic party punch is perfect for parties where you do not want to serve alcohol, or all of your guests don’t partake. It’s also ideal for a children’s party. Most children love a fun punch bowl, they get to sip on a tasty drink that is reserved for special occasions.

Punch Ingredients

This party punch calls for 4 ingredients; 2 main mixers and 2 for garnish. Let’s break them down.

Non-alcoholic party punch with Sherbet ingredients

Soda White soda is ideal in a punch. It has a mild flavor and mixes perfectly with fruit juice. Opt for Sprite, 7Up, or any generic brand you like. To serve a crowd, grab a 2L bottle of soda.

Fruit juice The juice will determine the color of the punch. For this drink, I chose a red fruit punch. You could also try a blue Hawaiian punch for another theme. This recipe calls for equal parts soda and fruit juice so pick up a 2L bottle (or 2 quarts) of juice as well.

Sherbet The final ingredient or garnish that gives this punch it’s creamy and rich taste. After mixing the juice and soda, add scoops of sherbet to the top. In a punch bowl, the scoops will float on the top and slowly melt into a delicious foam. A rainbow variety is perfect for this recipe, but again you can customize this punch to fit your taste or party theme.

Frozen raspberries This little red fruit is an optional way to add color to the drink. Frozen works best so they stay intact longer. Drop a handful on top of the sherbet just before serving.

This punch is best served in a bowl, this allows the sherbert to sit on top and guests can see all the beautiful color combinations. When serving, each person will also get a little sherbert and a few berries in their glass. It can also be served in a dispenser or pitcher.

Non-alcoholic party punch with Sherbet and berries

Ready to make this non-alcoholic party punch? Be sure to pin and save the recipe for your next get-together.

Non-alcoholic party punch with Sherbet recipe
Non-alcoholic party punch with Sherbet in bowl and cup

Non-Alcoholic Party Punch with Sherbet

Cook Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes

A simple, colorful punch for a party.


  • 2L white soda
  • 2 Quarts red fruit punch
  • Frozen raspberries
  • 1.5 quart Rainbow Sherbet


  1. In a large punch bowl pour in fruit punch and white soda, stir gently to mix. Non-alcoholic party punch with Sherbet step 1 Non-alcoholic party punch with Sherbet step 2
  2. Add scoops of sherbet to the mixture, they will float on top. Non-alcoholic party punch with Sherbet step 3
  3. Sprinkle frozen raspberries on top of the sherbet.
  4. Ladle into cups and enjoy.


Do not make this ahead of time, add the sherbet just before serving.

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