Easy Mason Jar Cocktail Gift

Do you have a cocktail enthusiast in your life? This easy mason jar cocktail gift can be customize to fit just about anyone’s taste. Learn how to put it together and you’ll be making these for every holiday.

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Gift giving can be a stressful time, especially when you are not sure what to get the person on your list. Having a few go to options that work for a broad range of people is ideal.

This easy cocktail gift is great for the enthusiast, or even a friend who enjoys a drink now and then. They are easy to put together and only require simple ingredients that you can pick up at any liquor store.

malibu and pineapple cocktail gift in a jar

This simple gift idea is basically a 2 ingredient cocktail. it’s assembled in a jar that can double as a glass. Just add ice, pour in the liquor and add the mixer. So easy and so cute.

You will use regular 16 oz jars and lids for this cocktail gift. Grab a pack here to make a few.

You will also need small cans or bottles of mixers. The mini coke cans, small juice cans or waters work perfectly in this size jar. And the portions are just right too. 1 small bottle of liquor is about 2 ounces and mixes perfectly with a small can of coke or juice.

Here are a few of my favorite 2 ingredient cocktails that work for this gift ensemble.

Whiskey and coke. This pairing is a crowd favorite that just about anyone can appreciate. Opt for regular coke or a diet version, even a flavored variety. Grab a small bottle of Jack Daniels or another Whiskey you love to go with it.

Rum and pineapple juice. This pair makes a fruity drink that goes down easy. Its perfect as a fun hostess gift for a summer party.

Gin and tonic. A classic without a heavy fruit or sugar content. I like to pair a small can of tonic water with a good london dry gin.

Vodka and cranberry juice. A fruity drink but not too sweet. You’ll have to look a little harder to find small cans of cranberry juice but they are out there.

Mimosa. This is a fun option. Add a small can of orange juice to the jar and tie on a single serving of champagne to the jar.

To assemble this cocktail gift, start with a 16oz mason jar. Drop in a can of juice soda or whatever mixer you choose then screw on the lid. Using a piece of twine, tie on a small bottle of liquor to the rim of the jar. If the bottle is loose, you can use a rubber band to help hold it in place. A simple gift you don’t have to wrap. Just present it as it.

If you want to add a little more personalization to this gift, cut a paper circle the size of the lid and add a message. Tape it to the lid and you are all set.

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