Delicious drinks at home

drinks made
and enjoyed
at home

An novice mixologist creating simple delicious drinks at home.

I’m Sarah, welcome to Simple Sips. This is your home for simple cocktails and drinks that you can make at home. Each recipe I share comes with simple ingredients and easy to follow methods that will help you create delicious drinks.

I have been experimenting with cocktails and coffee for years beginning on Creative Ramblings. You can find my early recipes there along with craft and DIY projects. Simple Sips was created to provide a home for drinks and only drinks. I love to craft with paper and paint as well, but I’ll leave those on another site.

What to expect from Simple Sips

New drinks every week ranging from cocktails to coffee and a few fun recipes in between. I share a little history behind these concoctions as well as tips for buying ingredients and making them at home. No need to venture to a high end liquor store, I use every day mixers to create delicious drinks.

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