9 Best Coffee Gifts You Can Buy This Year 2020

Trendy gadgets have the ability to make coffee fun again, keeping daily routines from becoming too mundane – especially in our current day and age. Thankfully, finding the perfect coffee gifts for coffee enthusiasts doesn’t have to be a totally overwhelming experience.

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This post contains some great gift ideas. Be sure to check out these simple coffee recipes too.

Each year we see the introduction of new java related products, from specialty roasts to unique mugs and everything in between, and these top gifts are no exception. Most of these gifts offer satisfaction guarantees, and excellent return policies as well, just in case it wasn’t as perfect as you’d hoped.

2020 Best Coffee Gifts

Sealing Clip Measuring Spoon

Available in a beautiful rose gold finish, this metal coffee spoon is one of those items that serves a dual purpose. Any minimalist will appreciate a scoop that allows them to measure out the right amount of coffee grounds, while also holding a firm seal on the bag. Not only is this gift aesthetically pleasing, it makes for an affordable stocking stuffer.

Coffee Measuring Spoon Sealing Clips

Personal Camping Espresso Machine

Enjoying espresso on the go hasn’t really been much of a possibility, without the inconvenience of stopping by a big name coffee shop. Wacaco decided to make this dream a reality, with the development of their portable espresso machine – the Minipresso. Coffee lovers will enjoy the ease of transport, and maybe even take it hiking for caffeine on the go! This gadget is every javaphile’s dream, just don’t forget to gift the perfect bag of espresso coffee beans, as well.

Wacaco Minipresso Portable Espresso Machine

Mug with Built-in Coaster

If you know someone who prefers to drink their morning coffee from a ceramic mug, they may really appreciate a handled mug with it’s very own coaster. Now they can prevent ring stains, and avoid burning themselves, thanks to a built-in insulated cork bottom. The travel friendly top also keeps the hot contents within the cup, with a push-on design. The only downside to this gift, in order to maintain the integrity of the cork, is that it requires hand washing. Now they can enjoy the convenience of a handle, from desk, to conference meeting, to home.

Ceramic Mug with Insulated Cork Bottom

Finger Tracing Mug

Coffee lovers, who are especially prone to the jitters, may appreciate a finger tracing meditation mug. This thoughtfully designed ceramic mug provides a maze-like coil indentation, constructed out of environmentally friendly stoneware clay. A finger tracing pattern promotes focus during meditation, or moments of peacefulness, to enhance mental clarity and awareness. These finger tracing stoneware coffee mugs are hand thrown by artisans, within the United States. Due to the nature of handmade products, some mugs may vary slightly from one another, in overall dimension.

Tea Drops

Just because your loved one is a coffee fanatic, doesn’t mean they don’t also enjoy a lovely cup of tea from time to time. This ingenious product provides high quality, organic tea without the need for tea bags. Available in a variety of flavors, Tea Drops are easier on the environment, better for your body, and provide an excellent beverage for guests at tea time. They take it a step further by offering a sampler pack, contained within a thoughtful wooden box.

Loose Leaf Tea Drops Standard Sampler

Coffee Plant

If you know someone who loves coffee, and also enjoys tending to house plants, a coffee bean plant may be what you are looking for. One of the best coffee gifts you can find. This live Arabica plant features brilliant green leaves with slight rippling, which thrives in an environment of 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit. When it blooms, this coffee bean plant puts forth white blooms, featuring five petals per flower, paired with a beautiful scent – much like that of jasmine.

Arabica Coffee Bean Plant 

Espresso Candle

Pure soy candles are another brilliant gift idea, because they offer a cleaner burning scent. Coffee scented candles provide an enjoyable aroma – particularly with espresso. These candles provide a warmth to any atmosphere, and provide smells similar to that of a coffee house. Emitting notes of chocolate and dark roast coffee, this espresso candle is poured into a 12 ounce black glass jar. Wax & Wick also provides a 30 day satisfaction guarantee, for individuals who may not completely love their product.

Espresso Candle

Ember Mug

Jump into the 21st century with an app-controlled coffee warming tray from Ember. With an 80 minute battery life, users may choose heating preferences between 120 degrees, and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Through the Ember app, the mug will change into sleep mode automatically, and switch it off through motion detection. This stainless steal mug is coated with an anti-scratch coating, which requires hand washing. Ember provides a 1 year warranty, as well as a 30 day return policy for complete satisfaction.

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

Stainless Steel French Press

Anyone who enjoys their morning in a french press, will appreciate everything a stainless steel press has to offer. A metal french press ensures coffee is held at sipping temperature, through a insulation double-walled carafe. Just as a normal french press, this 34 ounce product provides easy use, and simple cleanup. As with any french press, this stainless steal french press requires hand washing for appropriate care.

French Press Coffee Maker

These unique coffee gifts will work for anyone on your list. These are highly rated and are probably items your favorite coffee lover does not already have.

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