6 Tips to Make the Best Coffee at Home

Use this list to learn tips and find suggestions for making the best coffee at home. Learn how to achieve high-quality, barista style coffee without leaving the house.

You step into your favorite coffeehouse, alive with the hustle and bustle of another early morning. All of a sudden your senses are hit with the overwhelming aroma of fresh coffee and the steady hum of coffee grinders, followed by the intermittent hiss of hot steam. The mumble of conversation drowns out the drizzling rain against the windowpane, as you choose between a few drinks you can’t exactly pronounce.

Visiting local cafes for a cup of Joe provides a particular, enjoyable experience, although it may not be the most sensible, wallet-friendly option. Brewing coffee at home doesn’t have to be difficult, especially once you take the time to understand a few tried and true practices. Improve the overall flavor of your homemade coffee with these methods utilized by top baristas.

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How to make the best coffee at home

Use whole bean coffee

Whole bean coffee should no longer be considered the snobby luxury item it may have been made out to be. Although there are varying qualities of whole bean coffee, eliminating bags of ground beans from your shopping list is a great place to start.

coffee beans - the best coffee at home

When you purchase ground beans, you are essentially buying stale coffee. Because coffee beans are a natural product, their processing effects freshness. Upon grinding, oxygen immediately begins to break down the cells naturally occurring within beans. Taking the time to seek out high-quality whole bean coffee by utilizing locally roasted coffee, or testing various brands of whole bean, could mean the difference between enjoying coffee at home, and spending more on a cup to go.

Choose filtered water for great coffee at home

Freshly filtered water makes a big difference in the overall flavor of your coffee. Various contaminants, as well as minerals, alter the taste of your water, passing directly onto your brew. Other acceptable sources of water include spring and distilled, which largely depends upon your favorite brewing method.

For example, distilled water is the favored choice when making espresso, whereas filtered water is preferable for use in drip machines. While time may be of the essence, filtering through a gravity fed filter provides the best tasting filtered water, in comparison to other methods. Because it takes more time to trickle through multi-stage filters, the accuracy is higher for a pure output.

A coffee grinder makes high quality coffee

A high quality grinder allows you to choose between multiple settings, in order to customize the coarseness of resulting grounds. Your favorite brewing method will determine how refined your beans need to be, and require grinding each day before brewing – which aids in maintaining freshness.

coffee grinder - the best coffee at home

If the flavor of your morning coffee is particularly important to you, grinding beans before brewing is of vital importance. You can choose between an electric, or hand crank grinder to process your beans, depending on whether time is a factor. The shape and size of your grounds actually has an effect on the resulting brew, which is where grinders play an important role.

A burr grinder is considered to be the holy grail of grinders, capable of producing the most uniform granules with a high degree of accuracy. However, for brewing methods where consistency isn’t king, you may easily fit a blade grinder, or fake burr grinder into almost any budget.

Coffee containers keep your beans fresh

Air Tight Containers prevent oxygen, light and even humidity from creeping into your beans, with food-safe seals. Some canisters also allow carbon dioxide to escape, alongside an integrated calendar design.

coffee canister - the best coffee at home

Contrary to popular belief, freezing coffee should be avoided at all costs, as it tends to increase the risk of absorbing moisture. Beans need to be kept dry, away from moisture and humidity, which is what makes air tight containers invaluable. Containers are made up of various materials, including: ceramic, glass, metal, plastic, and even wood. While many are hand wash only, several are dishwasher safe, and feature large capacities up to a pound, or more.

A coffee scale will enhance the flavor

A Digital Scale like this one may be the last gadget you’d consider purchasing for your adventure into improved coffee. When it comes to flavor, precision is key. Measuring out your grounds with uneven spoonfuls of grounds won’t produce the best tasting coffee. Brewing each batch of coffee based on weight is a much more accurate way to measure, depending on your favorite method of brewing.

coffee scale - the best coffee at home

Typically, 180 grams of coffee grounds produces a flavorful carafe if 72 ounces. This is another instance where grinding your beans on demand is the best practice, especially when you measure them with a scale while brewing.

Choosing the right coffee beans is key

Types of Coffee Beans change the entire mood of your morning cup. Each variety provides unique flavors and roasting possibilities, with Arabica, Robusta, Liberica, and Excelsa being the most commonly commercially available types. These coffee beans hail from various regions of the world, including: North America, Europe and even Asia. Whether you enjoy a dark, bold roast, or a lighter, blonde roast, you can almost guarantee there is a novelty flavor out there for your taste buds.

coffee bean varieties - the best coffee at home

Aside from enhancing your homemade coffee by following common coffee shop brewing practices, there are a few additional tips that may also help you along the way. Follow these tips to make the best coffee at home.

For example, it’s best to take the time to clean your tools each, and every day after making coffee. This not only works to prevent burnt odors from seeping into each pot, but also inhibits the formation of an acidic buildup.

Also, understanding your own personal taste goes far in perfecting your own unique mug of coffee. This means, aside from opting for a specific type of coffee bean, you should test complimenting spices, too. If you find yourself drawn to seasonal drinks, play around with various spices each season.

cappuccino, latte, coffee

And, finally, cream and whipped topping will provide a more rounded flavor. Whether you choose a dairy-based creamer, or nut alternative, milk works to balance PH, as well as to neutralize overall acidity.

It’s easy to improve your home coffee routine by correcting your own practices. Before long, you’ll find it difficult to differentiate between barista made, and your own coffee.

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6 expert tips for making the best coffee at home

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